Maroc Numeric Fund

Maroc Numeric Fund was created in 2010 as part of the Maroc Numeric 2013 national plan, a strategy developed by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and New Technologies. It was the first Venture Capital fund dedicated to Moroccan technology startups with a total size of 100 Million Dirhams. The fund was equally hold by the Moroccan state (through MITC, the managing company of Technoparks), BMCE Bank, Attijariwafa Bank, CDG and BCP.

In 2018, a second fund “Maroc Numeric Fund II” was created as part of “Innov Invest” program. It’s shareholders are Caisse Centrale de Garantie (on behalf of the Moroccan Government), Attijariwafa Bank, BMCE Bank, Banque Centrale Populaire and MITC, the management company of Technoparks.

Maroc Numeric Fund is looking to invest in talented entrepreneurs with a national and international vision and ambition, able to transform their ambitious ideas into profitable startups, leaders in their field and job creators.

Vocation et Objectifs

Promote entrepreneurship

Maroc Numeric Fund (MNF) aims to be a catalyst for technological creation and innovation in Morocco. Its role as a venture capital fund is to invest in startups that offer a high risk/return ratio and to promote a culture and environment conducive to the emergence of innovative startups.

Enable the emergence of new startups

Startups play an important role both socially (job creation) and economically (contribution to growth, creation of economic value). Maroc Numeric Fund aims to contribute to the development of the sector by financing and supporting projects that offer innovative solutions in promising markets.

Filling the financial gap

Funding startups enables entrepreneurs to finalize the first phase of their development. The financing gap in Morocco is particularly marked for equity needs of less than MAD 10 million. Indeed, such amounts are often too large for business angels and too small for existing private equity funds.

Be a long term investor partner

Maroc Numeric Fund’s management team does not only invest equity : it invests its time, its knowledge and its network to serve the needs of entrepreneurs. Maroc Numeric Fund is systematically represented on the board of directors of the startup to participate in the development of the strategy, provide advice and assistance to entrepreneurs.

We provide, as much as we can, concrete assistance in certain operational areas. MNF provides the startup management teams with the benefit of its network of operational experts in the accounting, legal and regulatory fields and mobilizes a vast network of experts and experienced players in information technologies. Finally, Maroc Numeric Fund also supports the management teams in their development projects and in particular in accessing the following investment rounds.